Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Scale this morning ---> 180.2

What heartbreak!!  I was tempted to go run a mile but decided against it.  I think it was one of those scale fluctuation things where it shows a little lower than usual.  I imagine I still have a ways to go because the weight has just flown off since Sunday.  According to the scale, I've lost 4.8 pounds in three days.  I have lost some, because I've been walking a lot, but not that much.

Still, I woulda  booked it and gotten me a big cup o' java.

Getting there.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Coffee Hostage Crisis -- Day 22 (Down 1.6)

OK.  I'm actually posting a day late, but Saturday morning my weight was 184.0.  Up and down week mostly bouncing around 185.  In fact, this morning the scale might have bounced back up there, BUT official weigh in weight was 184.  Doing a lot of walking.  I particularly like a long walk to offset an indulgence.  On Wednesday for instance, I walked 12 miles round trip for a cheeseburger and fries. (Burger was worth it; fries were not).  This week, I've got my eyes on a 9 mile walk for a frozen yogurt.  I don't think I'm gonna make 180 by the end of the month.

Discoveries this week:
1) 12 miles is farther than you'd think.
2) It is sometimes easier to find a movie at the library than at Redbox.
3) "Caligula" actually is Latin for "Bootikins".  (I'm calling him Gaius from now on).
4) Tiberius was a bastard; Gaius was worse.
5) Tomato plants have to be kept off the ground because most of the rotting diseases come from the soil.
6) Veggie dishes can be quite filling if you mix them with brown rice and leftover grits.

 My Weekly Numbers 
Starting Weight: 191.2
Current Weight: 184.0
Goal Weight: 180.0

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Coffee Hostage Crisis -- Day 15 (Down 2.8)

It was a funny week. I hovered at 187.6 all week and then dropped another 1.8 lbs yesterday.I was certainly better on Friday than I had been the rest of the week, but not that different. It's tempting to think that I could make 180 by month's end, but I know that weight loss slows down the longer you do it. It would be unlikely that I could keep up the same pace of loss for another two weeks. But not impossible (says my hopeful coffee drinking soul). I've been doing a lot of walking this week. Everyday, I've walked at least 4 or so miles. It's been nice.

 My Weekly Numbers 
Starting Weight: 191.2
Current Weight: 185.6
Goal Weight: 180.0

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Coffee Hostage Crisis - Day 8 (Down 2.8)

Good numbers especially since I had a graduation, out of town visitors and a games night in there. Had to pass on a lot of cake, but I still accepted some. In truth though, the week was pretty flat. In fact, I actually gained up to 193 in there. The first time the scale showed lower than 190 was today. 

Whatever. I'll take it.

 Exercise was pretty good. I'm trying to run or walk for 1/2 hour every day. Giving up coffee and diet soda is not as bad as it has been on prior occasions. It may be because I am still drinking iced tea, so I'm probably getting my caffeine that way. Not really the jolt I get from coffee though. I seem to be taking a lot of naps too ...

Discoveries this week:
 1) Turnips are actually not that bad.
2) Peanut butter is three times as fattening as cream cheese.
3) It is possible to play board games for three hours without eating M&Ms. (I even won a game.)
4) Dieting causes people to draw out on you in online poker.

My Weekly Numbers 
Starting Weight: 191.2
Current Weight: 188.4
Goal Weight: 180.0

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Coffee Hostage Crisis -- Day 1 (191.2)

*Sigh* Weight has crept up. This is not surprising since my diet is poor lately, and exercise is infrequent. About two months ago, I decided that my two biggest problems were coffee consumption and excessive weight. I agreed that I would lose weight down to 180 lbs by June 1 or give up coffee until such time as my eight stayed below 180 for a week. Since that time, I have gained 3 lbs. So, no coffee it is. I will keep you apprised of the progress, but it may be a while before I am awake enough to type.