Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 29 -- Slow and Steady

The time of restraint continues and weight trickles off. In four weeks, I've lost 4 lbs.  Not bad.  Its taken a little will but the white-knuckle moments have been rare.  I would like to get sub-180, so maybe I'll try to restrict the food choices for another couple of weeks to see if the last 2 lbs come off.  I definitely feel better at this weight, but I'm still carrying around some unneeded fat.

Watched the documentary Hungry for Change, and it has gotten me focused on continuing to make better food choices.  I may even give the juicing thing a try.

Current Numbers 
Starting Weight: 185.9
Current Weight: 181.6

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Day 11 -- Going well

A good week, and I did remind myself several times that I was trying "to be good" and thus prevented some bad food choices.  My daughter takes ballet across town.  When I drive her to class, I have to kill time while class happens.  Frequently, this results in me sitting in a diner snaking on fries (because they don't seem to mind if I sit for 1.5 hours drinking iced tea if I get fries).  This week I went to a coffee shop and sipped coffee for 1.5 hours (with cream -- I'm not trying to be a saint, merely good.  Also, I note that coffee shops seems to lack lingering time limits.  I imagine you could get away with bringing a sleeping bag if you took a sip every 15 minutes or so).  Of course, this mean this meant I had insomnia, but that's a different blog topic.

This slight gesture of control seems do be the "magic key" if such a thing exists in weight loss/control.  Can I structure my life to pull back just a little bit against the tide of "EAT THIS GREAT FOOD NOW !!!!" which seems to pervade our culture?  Is it no wonder that 1/3rd of us are obese?

Unchanged or lost a pound and a half
See this is why the 7 day average rocks.  My weight this morning is 182.4, just what it was last week.  If I was going by the number on the scale, I would have had a week of random ups and downs.  I would have fought to be good all week with the result of "no change".  If being good just keeps my weight the same, it would be hopeless and I would commit weight loss suicide -- a varying process usually involving ice cream and burgers or pizza.

BUT, since I'm tracking the 7 day average, I note that I've actually lost 1.5 lbs since last week.  That's about right.  If I my weight were to stay exactly the same for another week, I would  "lose another pound" even with unchanged numbers on the scale.

See.  As I tell all my middle school students, "Math is important".

Current Numbers 
Starting Weight: 185.9
Current Weight: 183.4