Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 12 -- Down 1.5

I'm really back on the teaching diet again. I'm not trying to lose weight but busy schedule is cutting down on my oppportunites to eat. All things considered I'm just treading water until I can get clear of a few tough weeks at school.

Starting Weight: 183.5
Current Weight: 174.0
Goal Weight: 172.0

Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 11 - Up 2

Mr. Evans has requested that all inquiries about his alleged failure to lose 1 lb. and subsequent gain of 2 lbs. should be directed to his attorneys. His only statement at this time is "I'm such a yutz!"

Starting Weight: 183.5
Current Weight: 175.5
Goal Weight: 172.0

Monday, October 05, 2009

Week 10 - Unchanged

Oops. I forgot my goal was to lose the weight by October 5, 2009. I probably would have put the ful court press on if I had remembered.

I'm doing the reverse of my usual thing which is my gets lower mid week and then goes up aroung weigh in. I was actually down to 171.5 at some point last week. I think the gain is from the strain of carrying David Letterman's love child.

I'm headed for goal this week. 172 or bust.

Starting Weight: 183.5
Current Weight: 173.5
Goal Weight: 172.0

Friday, October 02, 2009

Week 9 -- Up 0.5

I weighed in Monday at 173.5 which was up a half from the prior week but down a half from my goal for the week. All is good.

This blog is kinda boring.

So is weight loss. It does seem to help to know I'm accountable to this strange cyber-audience (who I estimate to be 3-4 people). I can't say I would blame people for not being entirely interested because (as mentioned above) this blog is pretty boring.

Perhaps it would spice things up if I admitted that I am one of the women who had sex with David Letterman. I weighed 210 back then too.

Sadly, I'm a man. I mean not that I don't like being a man. It just kinda ruins the David Letterman confession thing. It might be fun to be a woman. I've already got the obsessing about the weight thing down, and I'd realy rather not shave all things considered.

Perhaps I could admit that I am a man who has had sex with David Letterman which frankly would make the whole blackmail scheme more feasible. We have presidents who have sex with the people at work for crissakes. No real news there.

OK then.

I'll just go make some microwave popcorn now.

See ya next week when I'd like to be 172.5.

Starting Weight: 183.5
Current Weight: 173.5
Goal Weight: 172.0