Sunday, May 21, 2006

Week 41 (Under Goal Weight)

Weighed in at weight watchers today. My weight was down a couple of pounds but that is a false loss. It was a morning weigh in, and I was wearing shorts. Weight is unchanged. One nore week and I will be a lifetime weight watchers member. So long as my weight stays under 179 (2 lbs over my goal weight) and I show up once per month to weigh in, I don't have to pay. When I plunk down a check for $12 next week, my total bill for weight watchers will be around $350, about $10/pound. Well worth the money.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Week 40 - 3.2

Acutally this is a week overdue. I weighed in May 11th at 176.6. I also noticed that I miscalcuated my gain from the prior week. I was only up 1.6 (now corrected). Maintaining weight, at least so far, is easier than I thought (knock on wood, cross my fingers, spit over my left shoulder). I am not actually sticking to a formal diet. My strategy is more like the weight watchers core plan with more exceptions.

Exercise is going OK. I am probably averaging two runs a week. I'd like to get back up to four, but I'm content to sluff off for a while. Will take my temperature about it again on June 1.

Weight: 176.6
Weeks at Maintenance Weight: 4
Pounds Lost since August: 34.6
Number of Horsemen of the Apocalypse: 4
Number of unsuccessful attemps at spelling "Apocalypse": 3
Number of 7 deadly sins that can be committed while playing the banjo: 6

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Week 38 & 39 +1.6

Out of town on business. It is very hard to be good when traveling for work. Usually you eat at nice restaurants, and you don't have to pay. Fortunately, I won't be traveling again for at least a few months.

I am returning to weight loss mode this week.