Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dancing with the Devil

Now that I am officially in maintenance mode, I don't have to weigh in except once per month. This combined with the fact that I was travelling for business last week has put me up a bit. When I returned from travel, I was 5 lbs over my goal number. Half of that quickly fell away early this week, but I think I may have to return to diet mode for a couple weeks to take it down to the magic 177.

I should like to get to the point where I am hovering around 175 so that my upticks still leave me under goal weight, but each time I get to 177, I lose my resolve to be in diet mode.

I am maintaining the barest semblance of an exercise regimen. I'd guess I'm averaging just over 1 time per week. While this is far short of the 4 times/week that is optimal, I note that it is better than nothing. the lunchtime run has become enough of a part of my life such that even when I am more or less screwing off I am still hitting the streets some.

My apologies to Knights and Ladies for not keeping up with your quests. I am crazy busy and will continue to be so until August.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ain't nothing so nice ...

As to say it twice.

Sir Pork in Boots is back and ready to fight again.

I'm particularly glad since I had threatened him with violence if he did not return, and a careful reading of his blog sidebar informs me that he is training to be a black belt. Hey, I'm always willing to get my ass kicked (and a good thing to), but I hate to have to fly somewhere to do it.

He's got a goal to lose 12 lbs in a month. Yikes, a tall order. Best of luck and know that your comrades in arms support you.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Prepare the (low) fatted calf

for a prodigal son has returned! Please all join me in welcoming Sir Squishy back to the Knights of the Round Bottoms. The Evil McDonald's seems to have taken hold of his heart and mind in the Spring, but he is strapping back on his armor and riding forth once more.

Imagery aside, I can't tell you how much I respect people like the Big Squish man who acknowledge they have not succeeded at what they were trying to do and who dust themselves off and try again. This takes an odd combination of moxie, humility and pragmatism.

Good on 'ya, Cobber!