Sunday, February 21, 2016

Starting to Feel Thin

Yeah, I know.

I'm inviting the fates to swoop in and crush me like a bug with a title like that, but the hidden truth is that I am experiencing the opposite phenomena of the "I keep eating crap but I don't gain weight" routine.  Namely, I've been pretty focused for about a month with not a whole lot of result on the scale.  I've had my lapses, but I'm more of less eating well all week and fasting on Saturdays. 

Today, Sunday, is the 4th week in a row.  I've been losing weight, but not much.  However, my body is changing.  That pesky fat on top of my hips (aka muffin tops) seems to have gone.  If I squint in the mirror, I can discern something resembling stomach muscles under the belly fat. In fact, if the belly fat went, I don't think I'd have much to complain about.

All of this is interesting because my stated goal is to get my 7 day average weight to 172.  There I would be comfortably under 174 -- the weight which it takes to get my BMI under 25, the weight at which I am no longer, according to any governmental agency worldwide, overweight.  174 is the top most range of "normal weight" for someone who is 5'10".  Why 172? Well, two reasons.  First, I'd like to be comfortably under 174, so even when I spike, I stay in normal weight.  Second, when I weigh myself at the doctor, I'm wearing clothes (they kinda insist), so that's another two lbs.  That's right! I want the doctor to mark me down as officially "normal" weight too.

Which brings me back to the point from which I was digressing -- vanity.  172 also represents something new to me -- a self-imposed limit to my vanity.  When I get to 172, will I think, "Be nice to be under 170, wouldn't it?"  It has to end somewhere. I started losing weight for health, and now vanity is starting to creep back in to my consciousness.  Vanity is not something want to drive my behavior.  (Let's leave aside the point that this may be another form of vanity.  Turtles all the way down and all.)  So slimming down without losing weight is an interesting phenomenon.  I'm not moving towards my stated goal, but my appearance is improving, which is not supposed to be a goal. 

But it is.  And I have mixed feelings about that.

Current Numbers
7 day average:  176.4
30 day average: 177.1


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