Saturday, July 27, 2013

Holding Steady ... Mostly

I've mostly been drinking coffee.  Up and down, but so far no more than 3 days without coffee and more coffee days than not.  Today was 179.6.  It was 108.2 when I woke up.  I went for a morning walk to get down to the lower number, and since it was a travel day (read 10 hour drive), I allowed the mild bend in the rules.  It's 10 PM now, and I'm 179.8 as I go to bed, so I'll be drinking coffee tomorrow.

Did lots of reading about BMI this week.  Getting interested in the 174 number since then I would technically be "normal weight".  Despite temptations, I make no formal claim on this number as I want to consolidate before moving down.It might be nice to reach 180 consistently before bedtime (like tonight) as a nice interim goal.


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