Thursday, April 20, 2006

Week 37 +1.4

A false gain. I actually lost about half a pound, but I weighed in work clothes, not in running shorts with no shirt. Home scale weight shows the loss.

Things are good.

Weight: 178.2
Weeks at Maintenance Weight: 1

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good an ya, Cobber.

A big shout of congratulations goes out to my bud Joel, (aka ... Tim. He achieved a goal that had eluded him for 11 years. In Boston yesterday, he broke the 3 hour barrier in the marathon.

That's right, 3 hours.

For 26.2 miles, he averaged 6:48 minute/mile. Clearly, simply, inexorably awesome. In a lifetime of impressive achievements -- varsity crew at Cornell, completing an Ironman triathalon, and beating Ricky Mewhirter in the 600 yard run in 6th grade -- this is one of the most impressive.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Week 36 --Lord Chubalot (-4.2)

It was a double witching day. At 10:30 AM, I weighed in at my local weight watchers meeting. The receiptionist saw my weight and asked whether or not there was anything I could take off. Assuming her question was weight-related rather than a proposition, I removed my shirt and she pronounced me at goal weight. (She also stuck a fiver in my running shorts). It was solid dieting week, but the last two pounds can be attributed to the fact that my work clothes weigh 2 lbs more than running shorts.

Came home and ran for an hour thus completing run number 40. I'll be real glad not to have to run anymore for a while. Kinda of beat up and pretty sick of it.

I started this journey in March 2005 with a trip to my favorite burger and fries joint. This afternoon I celebrated reaching goal the same place. It was pretty good but not as good as I remember.

I'm done losing weight for a while, probably forever, but will keep posting about the journey of keeping the weight here. I've been here before three times, and I know it is easy to slide back up to 210 lbs. So long as I continue to maintian my estate, I remain ...

Lord Chubalot

Weight: 177.0
Net Pounds Lost: -34.2
Pounds till goal: 0.0

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Week 35 + 1.0

Ah nuts!

This weight is as of Weds. Traveling and trying to be good but it's harder than I thought. It's easy to pass on obvious things off the diet, but you can't always tell how much butter is in your entree. I knew I had eaten some stuff that was off the diet, but I thought I would still lose.

Running continues. I haven't run today yet, so I have 6 runs left. Developed a chronic soreness in my right hip. It's not bad, but I will be glad to give it a few days rest come Easter. Hoping that clears it up. Thoughts, Tim?