Monday, September 26, 2005

Week 7 - 0.8

Another slow week. This weekend was not a screaming success either. I keep coming away Thursday night with big plans for a 3-4 pound week which goes by the wayside over the weekend. The best I can hope for by Thursday is another modest number in the red. The important thing is to keep the dowward trend. Maybe not such a bad thing to be going slowly.

Lessons learned in Week 7
1) Having a virus that makes you feel nasuseous is no guarantee of substantial weight loss

2) According to the eye doctor I saw on Friday, it is quite natural for a man my age to need reading glasses

3) Contrary to my theory about my arms being too short, I did in fact need reading glasses

4) A man should not wear reading glasses (and nothing else) while reading in bed unless he doess mind being a source of amusement for his wife

Welcome Duchess Tuckus
A warm welcome to our newest knight, Duchess Tuckus. The Duchess is still choosing her last meal but is planning on starting her quest RSN.

My Weekly numbers
WWW: 195.4 (Weight Watchers Weight)
HSW: 189.5 (Home Scale Weight)
NPL: -15.8 (Net Pounds Lost)


Blogger Sancho Pawnza said...

Don anything in the weight loss column
is considered a success.
We have to use "The fat didn't appear overnight, it won't leave overnight." as our mantra.

A slow down in weight loss is to be expected periodically.
It is a typical reaction from your body, in its attempt to preserve itself. Your body is now thinking that you are being held prisoner, or that you have become the latest contestant on a certain game show.
So of course it tightens down on the metabolism brake a notch or two to match the reduction in calories.

Of course you can override the brake by an increase in activity, either in duration or frequency. It doesn’t take much, if you were running 20 minutes each day stretch it out to 25.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Joel said...

When you hit rough patches, periods of self-doubt or questioning commitment, just remind yourself:

1) What is my name
2) What is my quest
3) What is my favorite color

Seriously, don't forget to remind yourself what this is all about. If there are any doubts, just peak into their rooms at night...

7:12 AM  

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