Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Knights of the Round Bottoms

Knights of the Round Bottoms it is!

I have put two links. The first is to Sir Semisolid, my brother is arms (and fat ass). The second is to the Exercise Oracle, a learned prophet of fitness lore. Like all Oracles, you never know if he'll answer your questions or that you'll understand the answer, but at least you'll have somewhere to go.

Call to Questers
Too long has the facinorous Celluloid ruled this fair land. It is time to rally the forces of good and drive evil from our hearts and flab from our thighs. Join us brothers and sisters as we journey from fustilug to fair waisted, from portly to petite. We lucky corpulent ones. The more the poundage the greater the glory!

Post your name and blog in the comments and join us as a Knight of the Round Bottom.


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Ok, you can count me in as Sir Howling Belly. http://howlingbelly.blogspot.com/

2:06 PM  

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