Thursday, September 22, 2005

Maybe I was just tired

Went home last night, ate dinner and crashed at 7:30 PM. Slept 11 hours. Feel a lot better this morning. (I even threw away the number of the gun outlet.) I often wonder how often I overlook tiredness as the cause of my woes. By the way, if you don't have an understanding wife who does not complain when you fall asleep before your 7 year old, I sincerely suggest that you get one.

Weigh in later today. Think I'll be in the red but way short of 3 lbs.

Cat Lady needs a name and a new Grandmother
Laura, she who is going to die an old cat lady, has decided to join our quest. She is lacking a name for this endeavor, so if you have suggestions, just add to the other suggestions here. So far, my favorites is "Duchess Tuckus".

She is not quite ready to sign up though because she is currently seeking a new grandmother since hers is a pain. So if you can't think up a name for her and you have an extra grandma lying about, please send her on to the Cat lady.

Congrats to other noble questers
Sir Howling Belly and Sir Semisolid are off and running. Sir Howling Belly continues to work his way back down to where he can get on one bathroom scale for offical weigh in. Sir Semisolid hung in there even though his body seemed very resistant to the idea.

Thanks also to Tim, the Exercise Oracle, for his formal acceptance of his role. Though I know plenty about exercise, a few tweaks to my plan have helped immensely.

To date, the Knights of the Round Bottoms have lost a total of 26 lbs. That's a lot of lard, baby.


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