Friday, March 25, 2005

Something shifted

I think my body is finally adjusting. Yesterday was the first day I didn't feel like I was carrying Shaquille O'Neil's baby. A more common term for this would be "bloated", but I refuse to be "bloated". 300 lb women wearing orange sweat pants in Walmart get bloated, not me. Though I suppose decribing myself as pregnant with another man's baby isn't all that masculine either.

Had a nice run last night -- ave pulse 150. Completed my library loop in almost precisely one hour. Though my calves were a little tight in beginning, I stopped and stretched and felt fine the rest of the run. And this morning, I had actually lost some weight!

Caffeine jones is nearing the end. I have the slightest trace of a headache but that's it.

5 days down, 95 to go
Weight: 202


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