Friday, January 28, 2005

Dear Cubefarmer

This response started off as a comment in response to another comment by my good friend, Cubefarmer. He brings up the point that it's not so hard to lose weight as it is to keep it off and that I will have to look to making diet changes. He's right, and writing the response brought out something hidden from me in my effort. This is about changing myself more than about changing my diet. The extreme exercise regimen is as much a crucible for growth as a way to burn calories.


Dear Cubefarmer,

Yes, it's true. Dietary changes will have to be made, but I don't really want to go "on a diet". I think I can probably lose 20 lbs on exercise alone, but my body will start ot resist around 180, I think. (As it should -- how's it suposed to know I'm not just running out of food?) I would prefer to focus on not eating stupid junk -- McDonalds, cookies, potato chips -- and eating more fruits & veggies. I'll see how far I can get with just this.

The giving up the caffeine, refined sugar, and beloved beer is more about dealing with what is bothering me. Calorie consumption, for me, is rarely about hunger. It is usually about doing something pleasurable when I'm bored, angry and/or would rather be elsewhere. This is particularly true in the work environment. I drink a hell of a lot of coffee at work because it's something that feels good when I'm some place I'd rather not be.

I guess my plan is to turn off all my good old-fashioned consumption addictions and burn the resulting angst with exercise for a few months until I can figure out how to deal. It's not that I'm fat because I don't eat right. It's that I don't eat right because I have learned to consume as a substitute for living.

Weight: 197.5


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

I have a weightproblem too.
With normal eating I gain about 0.5 kilo a month. Wheach means 36 kilo extra in six year.
Loosing weight is no problem but the YoYo-effect always kills me.

But now I have found a simple way without dieting to keep the same weight. In spite of eating normal (=rather fat and drinking much beer and other unhealthy habits etc.).

Only two rules:
What is in your stomach when you go to bed is transformed to fat.
So don't eat 3 hours before you go to sleep. If you have had dinner and you drink alcohol, your body digests the alcohol first, which means that it takes longer to have an empty stomach. So start drinking beer in the evening three hours after your meal.

These two simple rules kept my weight stable during the last year, in stead of growing every month.

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