Monday, January 17, 2005

Yiddish Fairy Tale

There is a Yiddish fairy tale about a man who complains that his house is crowded and loud with all his children and in-laws. His rabbi tells him to bring his cow into the house and come back next week. Next week, the man comes back to the rabbi and complains it is worse than before. The rabbi tells him to bring his goats indoors. So it continues week after week until his house is full of animals. The man comes to the rabbi in tears talking about how there is no peace in his house with all these animals, and the rabbi tells him to put all the animals back outside. When the man returns the following week, he has nothing but glowing praise for the peace and quiet in his house.

Talking with my lovely wife this weekend about my plan for an hour a days exercise. Sounded quite reasonable to her especially since I am now spending in excess of two hours a day at the chessboard. She also wants to go aon a health kick with me though more of the the diet variety than exercise.

I actually lost a few pounds last week. I wasn't exercising or even watching diet that much. I wasn't drinking any beer though so that must have helped. I think my body was perhaps still in Christmas mode -- ready to burn off the tons of sugar and fat from the holiday diet.

Weight: 197


Blogger Sancho Pawnza said...

Don I swear we must have been seperated at birth.
5'11-1/2" 205 pounds and 37.
As soon as I finish these damn chess exercises and regain some time for other ventures it's back on the bike for me.
Keep me posted on the dieting.
I may tack on my weight for day at the bottom of each daily blog. To spur my rear towards exercising sooner. :)

6:52 PM  

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