Thursday, March 24, 2005


Had a nice jog for an hour last night. Ave pulse was 145. The "rest" day from the day before seemed to have helped. Bit achy last night. Was considering some ibuprofen when I drifted off to sleep.

Cubefarmer has reminded me that I should set some milestones along the way. Here are some of the milestones and goals floating around in my head.

1) Weight under 200 -- this is my traditional "I really have to do something about my weight" weight. I expect to hit this milestone within a week or so.

2) Waist size below 40 inches -- When did this happen for Cristsakes!

3) Weight to 190 -- traditional "I'm only moderately overweight" weight

4) Weight to 180 -- traditional "OK" weight. This is as far as I expect I'll get with exercise alone. I'd be pleased to get here by the end of the 100 days of fun.

5) The nature of 100 days leaves many natural milstones -- day 10, 20, 25 , etc.

1) Finish the 100 days -- This is most important goal to reach first

2) Blood pressure to fall below 120/80 -- My blood pressure has been creeping up over the past 3 years. The numbers have jumped around a bit, but I have seen 130/85 on several trips to the doctors office. Technically, I am pre-hypertensive. I'm hoping I can do this without drastic diet changes, but regardless, this has to get fixed.

3) Weight to reach 170. According to BMI, this is where my weight should be to be healthy. I haven't see 170 on the scale since 1992.

4)Resting pulse to 50 -- not sure how low my resting pulse will go, but it is a true measure of fitness. I have seen it in the low 50's. Would be nice to get to 50.

4 days down, 96 to go
Weight: 204 (Look Ma, actual weight loss)


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