Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rest Days are Cool

Went out after a day of rest and flew over my library loop. Last week, I could not complete the whole loop in 60 minutes. Yesterday, while maintaining an ave heart rate of 147, I covered the same distance in 53:15. If I keep the same percentage increase week to week, I will break the world record for the five mile in about week 11. If I can knock off the same number of minutes every week, I will break the sound barrier middway through week 9. I think I'll stop then because I would soon approach relativistic speeds (probably around Thursday) which would cause my mass to increase which is the opposite of my intention.

On Saturday, I went jogging around a "vita-course". This is a little jogging path with various and sundry exercise stations along the way. It was half mile loop, so I decided to stop at the push up station each loop to do 10 pushups. Well, I switched over to sitps after 5 loops because people were starting to look concerned for my health (physical and mental) as I tried to squeeze out the last few pushups. I was making sounds that are usually only heard in maternity wards. Anyway, it Tuesday now, and my chest muscles STILL hurt. I wanted to give myself a day or two to recover before I tried some more, but I may have to bravely venture forth while still sore.

9 days down, 91 to go
Weight: 201.5


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