Saturday, March 26, 2005

One week

Went jogging last night and just got back from an early afternoon run. Legs feel surprisingly good. In fact, I feel like I could probably keep going without a rest day. Nonetheless, I think I will make Mondays my rest day for three reasons. First, I can remember in earlier training what a huge difference rest days make. Even though I would feel fine, I would take take or two off an come back having made a jump in fitness. The body just needs that time to do a little healing. Second, over-training can have a long term unhealthy psychological impact. Though nothing may be physically wrong, runners often become depressed by the stress on the body. I'm naturally prone to depression, so best not to mess with it. Third, I have to go grocery shopping Monday nights, so it's a real pain to go running too!

Been sleeping a lot -- a hat trick combo of being over-tired for the past few months, no caffeine and being tired from running. It is good to catch up on sleep. Again I recall past experince when I went through a period of giving in to being tired. You sleep and rest for weeks thinking, "Obviously I will never feel rested. I should just give up trying to sleep through it." And then one days, you wake up rested, and you don't need so much rest anymore. It is possible to get fully rested even in the 21st century in America. I have done it before.

7 days down, 93 to go
Weight: 202.5


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