Monday, March 28, 2005

Rest Day

Took Sunday off from running because it was Easter. Was REAL tempted to declare it a exception day expecially when sitting next to a big pile of chocolate that my mother-in-law had bought me for Easter. Though probably a justifiable , it is too early in the program. Need a good month under my belt before I can start cheating. Have been invited to a "Boyz" weekend in May which will definitely be an exception weekend. In fact, I'm a little frightened what might happen when I release all that pent up abstinence. Could be entertaining.

Took my blood pressure at a CVS yesterday -- 114/74. Not bad, but it didn't exactly look like a highly tuned instrument.

Would like to get below 200 by next Sunday. I might even consider cutting down on the intake a bit. With the caffeine jones over, this may be possible this week.

8 days down, 92 to go (Yes, rest days count!)
Weight: 202.5


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