Monday, August 22, 2005

Mondays and I have points!!!

This has to be my greatest accomplishment of the calendar year. It is Monday morning and I have 14 points left. Last night, we were having hamburgers for dinner and I actually got to put mine on two pieces of bread and have a dollup of mayo (Duke's Mayo that is). Only 3 points and I had 'em to burn, baby.

I took a tenative step on the scale this morn, and it looks like I'm hovering around 2lbs weight loss since last Thurs. Not too shabby, but always hard to correct for water weight, weighing at different times of the day and 9 degrees declination between the magnetic North pole and the geographic one. Good news though.

Puffed Rice
I have been trying to eat breakfast every morning before I head out so as not to get too hungry by lunch. This means cereal since I am too lazy to put together a real breakfast. I had been eating "Puffins" (the cereal, not the bird) but found they were not a "core food". By a mistake of reading the points listing, I though granola was a core food, so I bought a bunch of that. Had to finish it up even though it was costing me points. I finally found Puffed Rice was a cereal and a core food. Today I had my first bowl.

What a taste treat!

Imagine styrofoam that absorbs milk, and you're not too far off the mark. I put some blueberries in to give it some flavor, but the puffed rice absorbed that too. Nothing would seem able to overcome the lovely flavor of desicated wiffle ball. Oh well, at least it must be good for me, right? I don't think so. It is the Diet Rite of cereals. I has no fiber, no fat, almost no carbohydrates, certainly no protein. In short, it is no thing. I was going to throw it out, but I will keep it around to give to my girls when they misbehave.

"That's the second house you burned down this week! You're grounded 'till you're 30 and you're gettin' Puffed Rice tomorrow."

"No Dad, not the Puffed Rice!!!!"


Blogger Casey Anne said...

Try plain shredded wheat (it's Core). Granted, it's not frosted flakes, but with fruit to sweeten it up, I like it quite a bit. Plus it has lots of fiber.

12:01 PM  

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