Friday, August 05, 2005

Weight Watchers

OK. OK. I admit it. This isn't going well. Actually, I think I could stick with "This isn't going". I finally sucked it up and headed over to Weight Watchers last night. There is absolutely no way on God's green earth that I would ever join Weight Watchers because it is for fat suburban housewives.

Except ...

my friend Cubefarmer did it and lost a pile of pounds and has kept them off for about half a year. I have another friend who had battling weight her whole adult life. She lost it and has kept it off for about 5 years now.

So, I joined.

$10/week to weigh me and tell me info about food that I really already know. (Ok, I might have learned a new trick or two last night.) Also, at least one of the scales I got on last night is not working correctly.

Home Scale Weight: 205.5
Weight Watchers Weigh-in Weight: 211.2

Just to make sure, I am going to weigh-in next time buck naked. Frankly, they could use a little shaking up at Weight Watchers IMHO. Whichever scale I chose to believe, the news is not good.

HSW: 205.5
WWW: 211.2


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Since a few weeks I need two scales, because they only have a reach to 230.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Don Q. said...

I had a similar moments with belts. suddenly there were no belts in my house that I could breathe with while wearing.

6:44 AM  
Blogger DG said...

I hope the WW thing works for you. Of course if you'd prefer to lose weight while eating BBQ ribs and Buffalo chicken wings, I'd be happy to be your role model.

1:01 PM  

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