Monday, April 25, 2005

Retreating and Retrenching

Well maybe not retrenching yet. I have decided to call a stop to the program for at least a week. After the previous weekend when I wanted to quit so bad, I decided I'd stick it out for another week and see what happened. My mood did not improve , and I developed a strained right calf. Yesterday, I decided to suspend for a week. I will take a week off to see if my mood improves, let my calf heal and consider how I might modify my program a bit. I'm not a big fan of moderation, but maybe its time I became one.

I do NOT heart Huckabees
I seem to have lost all ability to pick good movies to rent. This weekend I rented "I heart Huckabees" which was really bad. Really bad. I'm surprised no one involved with the making of this movie has been imprisoned for felonious use of film. I also rented "Once Upon a Time in the West" since I have a soft spot for cowboy movies. I wasn't impressed. Henry Fonda was good, but Charles Bronson makes a lousy cowboy in my view. Perhaps one just accepts one's own personal overblown tough guy. I kept thinking, "Who do you think you are, Charles? Clint Eastwood? I knew Clint Eastwood. He was a friend of mine. You're no Clint Eastwood!" From now on, no cowboy movies that don't have Clint (OK, except for Tombstone.)

Movie recommendations welcome.


Blogger Lord Lessismore said...

Sorry to hear you’ve hit a road bump in the program. It seems like an aggressive one so a temporary hiatus is not beyond expectations. Even when I was at my most fit, I don’t know if I was exercising an hour a day 6 days a week. I doubt my body couldn’t handle it now and my schedule certainly can’t. It’s been a good week for me lately if I make it to the gym twice.

I know that some of the reading I’ve done on exercise programs has advocated switching between aerobic and anaerobic activity (how’s that for an unintentionally alliterative sentence?) on alternate days. Would that fit in with your resting heart rate goal?

I also think you should be building in at least one night a week of exercise with your pal Dave. After your week off, I’ll be contacting you about this item.

Here are some movies I’ve seen in the past year that I’ve enjoyed. FYI:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (takes a while to get into it but the women in it – Kate Winslet and Kirsten Dunst – are great not to mention gorgeous)
25th Hour (w. Ed Norton, directed by Spike Lee)
Clerks (never saw it when it came out)
In the Bedroom
Iron Monkey
Lantana (little seen but a good flick with Anthony Lapaglia)
The Cooler

An old fave worth a re-viewing:
Fight Club

10:03 AM  
Blogger Don Q. said...

The anerobic/aerobic thing was not part of my program. All of my workout was aerobic by necessity. Anerobic = faster = higher chance of injury. Working a few nights a week at anerobic for shorter period is one of things I'm considering.

Knew I could count on you for movie recs, Cubefarmer. Saw Adaptation. Thought it was brillant. Loved Clerks -- been awhile. Maybe time for a re-view. Didn't like the Cooler that much. Think I caught it on a bad night.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Adam P. Short said...

I liked I Heart Huckabees quite a bit, but I definitely see where you're coming from. A weird one.

If you're considering old movies along with new ones, remember that if there's an inconclusive result on the first two questions at the pearly gates, you can still get in on the basis of having seen the movie "Unforgiven" enough times.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Don Q. said...

It is about time for "Unforgiven" again. What I am really overdue for is "The Outlaw Josey Wales". It's a tough call for me between this, "Unforgiven" and "Tombstone". I think I'd go with Josey Wales but it's a sentimental choice.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Lord Lessismore said...

I'm overdue for a re-view of "Unforgiven" myself. Did you see "Collateral?" Not A+ put at least great performances from Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. I've got "House of Flying Daggers" on my list as well "Kinsey." "Closer" was bleak but good and "Sideways" was a hoot. I've got "Mystic River" sitting on top of my TV right now; might take a look at that later this week.

If only I had more time to watch movies...

6:30 PM  
Blogger Don Q. said...

Saw "Eternal Sunshine". I just didn't recognize the title. I really enjoyed that one. Glad to have your recommendation on "Collateral". I was going to give that one a miss.

4:00 AM  
Blogger CelticDeath said...

Hollywood sucks.

I have to disagree about Charlie in OUATITW. I thought he did a great job as an antisocial cowboy out for revenge. I imagine that role set the stage for his Death Wish movies.

12:14 PM  

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