Monday, January 22, 2007

Round the Horn

Sir Man Boobs asks whether or not I'm reverting to the title of "Sir" since I'm over my goal weight. Nope, so long as Weight Watchers has me as a lifetime member, I'm keeping the title. This means I've got 8 days to lose about 2 lbs or I will be stripped of my title and thrown off my lands.

Last week was good, but I ran into a couple of pizzas over the weekend. If I can be a good boy for like 4 days, I think I'll make it.

New Knights
A warm welcome to The Earl of Arrogant Bastard. What can I say? It's my favorite beer, so I figure its got to be a good blog. I haven't seen too much about his weight loss quest, but I'm sure it's coming.

Welcome also to Weight Trimmer, Esquire. He appears to be one of them there foreign types, like Sir Man Boobs, who weights himself in comparison to large stones out back. He deserves early kudos for taking on weight loss during the holidays.

The Rest of You Bums
Sir Semisolid put on a few lbs over the holidays, but he hasn't fessed up to the exact numbers yet.

Sir Man Boobs had a rough holiday as well. The man who seems to be as consistenet as gravity had a 5 lb gain one week. Yikes! But he's back on task and drifting down again. He'a got a neat herbal tea trick that I'm goign to try out.

Lord Lessismore posted in December, but hasn't put up post holiday numbers.

Sir Lee Padthaiserver remains quiet on the subject of weight loss in his main blog, but he assured me in the comments that things are going well. How about turning some of that writing talen ttowards the subject of weight loss?

Lady Lean is struggling with how to resist the temptation to eat when onw has a lot of time of ones hands. I have noted that it is much more difficult to stay on track during the weekends. When one is retired, everyday is a weekend. ont he other hand, these are the types of problems to have.

Sir Twice the Man is still inaccessible to me. Has anyone been in touch with him?

Sir Squishy has been taking lumps but is resolved to get back on the wagon. He's starting over. I have a hunch that he will see his goal weight before he sees his current weight again. I'm not entirely sure why though. A certain honest self-awareness comes across in his posts and that is going hit paydirt sometime. My bet is sooner rather than later.

Josh, Esquire is back and ranting, baby. He has some choice words about some cheesheads who did a study to prove that chocolate milk is the best post workout exercise drink. I like his mandate about shopping the edges of the supermarket. Most of all, I found his post about changes he is going through interesteing. Something that began as weight-loss is becoming more of a personal growth thing for him.

Duchess Tuckus ... Duchess? Duchess? Don't make come up to Canada and haul your ass out of McDonalds.

Sir Bellyjeans managed to have a net negative during the holidays. Off to a good start!

Lady Atkins is on an uptick from a birthday binge. I have not had time to catch up on her blog since she is prolific. I will do so though because it sounds like she is trying some diet pills. My first reaction to this is that it is a bad idea, but I want to read more to see what's going on (which I should probably do before I post this but I don't have time right now so you can see I'm kinda stuck oh well).

Tim, the Exercise Oracle may be coming back. I'll keep ya posted.


Blogger ArleneWKW said...

I enjoy your sense of humor and am glad to see another Lord Chubalot post. I found myself taking exception to your comment "when one has a lot of time on one's hands" in regard to me until I got honest with myself. Not facing the constraints of a job and a routine, I've got all kinds of free time to play my various food games. Yet I managed to get rid of 65+ lbs. before with such freedom. I will perservere. Next time around, I hope you'll be able to dutifully note my success in finally and consistently getting back on track.

Thanks for your updates on all of us.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Lady Atkins said...

You could be onto something about the uptick from my b-day binge. I just went back in my FitDay jounal and my weight was 145 right before the binge and is currently around 150. I don't understand why that gain isn't coming off though, since I have been back on track since then - almost 2 weeks now.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Weight-Trimmer said...

Best of luck with shifting the two pounds and retaining your lifelong membership, your title and your land! Thanks for adding me to the list. I find stones more familiar, and more comfortable to work with, but from now on I will also include the weights in pounds.
So how and when do I gain my knighthood?

5:13 AM  
Blogger Don Q. said...

Lady Lean -- I look forward to posting as you have described.

Lady Atkins -- The body marches to its own tune. Sometimes we do everything right and the weight stays; sometimes we eat like pigs and gain no weight.

A few thoughts:
1) If you hadn't been back on track, you probably would have gained a couple more pounds given the way things are going.

2) You body just went through a trauma -- oral surgery. Who knows what your immune system is doing in reaction to that and/or the drugs you are taking as part of it? In addition to the advice below, I might try schdeuling a little more sleep than usual.

3) Your body seems to be telling you that it's not happy. It isn't going to drop weight; its gonna bloat; and it's torturing you with cravings. I'd try to go natural for a few weeks. Cut out anthing man made -- supplements, processed sugar (sadly this includes alcohol), caffeine (if you can stand it)and any desinger weight loss food (like low-carb ice cream). Eat lots of veggies. After two three weeks of this, you can go back to your current regimen, and I bet things will start working like they had before.

Weight-Trimmer -- All you need is to choose a title, good Sir Knight. The title of "Lord" is usually saved until you achieve your goal. See our FAQ for details.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Weight-Trimmer said...

Sorry this is the only way I know to contact you. I would like to be Sir Weight-Trimmer is that ok? My Target weight is 12st 8lb or 176 lbs for you people without appropriatly sized boulders ; )

9:07 AM  
Blogger Don Q. said...

Well met Sir Weight-Trimmer. I have changed your title on the sidebar.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Lady Atkins said...

I wasn't craving bad foods, just food period. I think that had more to do with my body craving more calories after my surgery.

I'm not taking any meds after the oral surgery except Ibuprofen and Airborne. The Airborne is to keep from getting sick because I did get sick after my last surgery. I've been through three surgries in two months - the first half of my mouth, then my toe, then the other half of my mouth.

I can generally tell how I'm doing by testing my blood sugar. This time it returned to normal within just a couple days (the toe surgery was way worse - my blood sugar stayed high for a good week or more).

The low-carb ice cream is strictly a treat. I don't eat it every day. I usually have it once a week. My normal daily menu is meat and veggies (and a few non-sweet fruits such as tomato and avocado). I drink Crystal Light, tea, and water, and take my vitamins. I do like diet soda way too much, though.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Who ate all the Carbs? said...

I'm interested in becoming a knight- sounds like an Esprit de Corps could be quite useful in my Quest to lose weight.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Joel said...

An attempt at a comeback? You decide m'Lord.


9:03 AM  
Blogger Who ate all the Carbs? said...

I've thought about it for quite a while, and I've decided to be "Sir Carbfiend of Amylase".

Do I need to Kneel?

3:55 AM  

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