Monday, March 20, 2006

One small step for this fat guy ...

one giant leap for fatguykind.

The step was from my bed to the floor. It was not unusual even at 4:30 AM. But I was not going to the bathroom; I was going running.

My highest ambition in my running programs is to go running first thing in the morning. There are three major obstacles to this. First, I am not really a morning person. Anyone who knew me before the age of 25 is now blowing coffee out of his or her nose at this heinous understatement. Even though it no longer requires a cannon to wake me, I am still not an early riser. Second, in the morning division of labor, I have choosen the role of making breakfast -- a task that begins at 6:30 AM. So, in order to run an hour and return in time to be Chef Chubalot, I have to hit the road at approx. 5:20 AM. Third, (and this is the killer), my wife is a light sleeper and once woken cannot get back to sleep. As such, in order to go running at 5:20 AM and preserve marital harmony, I have to wake up without the benefit of an alarm clock.

In my thirty-nine and half years of life, I have accomplished this task -- once. I acutally got up at 4:30 because I kept waking up to look at my watch. I dreamt all night that I was in a train station asking people what time it was. I was finally pretty confident that it was 1 AM when I realized that people in my dream world probably had no idea what time it really was.

I'd like to report that I feel like a new person, but the truth is that I feel like a ten pound bag of cow turds. Played soccer Saturday and ran long on Sunday. Still recovering.

Diet Update
Back to fundamentals is hard. Hadn't realized how much I was sluffin off to "Well, I'm running an hour a day". I do get some extra allowances for the exercise, but I was taking more. Even so, my diet allows me to eat as much as I need to feel "satisfied" of certain healthly foods. It's worked great until this juncture, but I may have to start doing the version where I count everything I eat.

I almost forgot. Today is the one year anniversary of my weight loss effort. In my orignial entry I was going to try to lose weight without dieting and only running. That petered out after 10 weeks and I went back to 200+. Second effort started in August and is still going. I noted that I have passed all of the milestones I set for myself back at the beginning of the first effort but have achieved none of the goals. I am close on blood pressure (123-5/78) and resting pulse (54). I didn't even scare 100 days of consecutive running, and I am no longer shooting for 170 as a target weight. Actually, in weight watcher weight, that goal would be to shoot for 175. You have to add 5 pounds to all these weight related goals since they were based on my home scale weight.

I also passed 1000 minutes of running during Lent. This Thursday will be the halfway point.


Blogger Lord Lessismore said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary! Persistence is an impressive virtue, perhaps the most rewarding. It may be a pain in the ass but at least there's less ass to be pained...

6:23 AM  

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