Friday, March 17, 2006

Week 32 + 0.7


The second week of essentially unchanged. It is more than just Tim who suggests that I might should consider a different goal. The group leader at Weight Watchers suggested that I should get a doctor's note to raise my goal weight above 177 pounds. After all, the BMI charts are for both sexes, and men typically have more muscle weight than women. I might be working against myself by building up heavier leg muscles through running. I've slimed down quite a bit and should consider whether I might be at a weight that I'm comfortable at.

All very reasonable.

My response is --> Read my lips, 1 - 7 - 7.

Not 180, Not 178. Not 177.2.

I don't care if I run a marathon everyday from now until Easter and don't lose a pound. The number is 177. I don't care if Jack Lalane shows up at my doorstep and crowns me "King Healthy" for 2006. 177. I don't care if super models start sending me letters asking for tips on how they can look skinnier. One Seven Seven. I don't care if Sherilyn Fenn offers to have wild sex with me a fortnight if only I'll raise my goal weight. The number is ... well ... maybe, I'd go 179 for that.

Except for that, it's


Weight: 185.6
Net Pounds Lost: -25.6
Pounds till goal: 8.6


Blogger Joel said...

I wouldn't worry about running building too much muscle mass (look at those Kenyans). The problem might be that, believe it or not, you're getting good at it. The more efficient you get at running, the fewer calories it burns. Substituting another activity (or varying your run) for one or two of the days might help. Also, there is a temptation to believe the running is burning more calories than you think. I'm pretty sure you remember this, but it's only about 83 calories per mile.

Give this a read. It's a good article:

7:12 AM  
Blogger Joel said...

...and another thing...

For the first time it actually appears to me that you are digging your heels in. It's like you've decided to say,"Dammit, I'm grabbin' on to both thighs, gritting my teeth, and pushing for all I'm worth! I'm not leaving this pot without finishing what I started! You say I'm going to blow a gasket, I say LET IT BLOW!!!! Say it with me people 1-7-7...1-7-7...1-7-7!"

My friend that is what will power is all about. It's rewarding seeing the enlightenment!


PS: Are WW people actually allowed to tell you to give it up?

10:23 AM  
Blogger Don Q. said...

Pretty depressing, huh. Actually I think what she was trying to do (well intentioned as it was) was very reasonable but equally depressing -- redefine success to be something a little easier.

From an overall health perspective, it doesn't make a hill of beans whether I weigh 177 or 180 and psycologically, 180 is a lot easier. If 177 was unreasonable, I might let it go; but I'd rather fail than redefine my way to success.

11:05 AM  

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