Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back to Fundamentals

So running is going well. I'm a bit shagged, but this is not entirely unexpected. I really have never recovered from this Friday.

What did I do on Friday? Interval training? an extra hour of running? Soccer?

No, Hold'em. I played poker until the wee hours of the morning (Finished second!). Since I am single parenting these last two weeks, there was no rest for the wicked come Sat morning. I have noticed that I have not felt fully recouped since then. Rest day coming up on Thurs though, and wife returning Friday.

Fundamentals, dammit
I'm a quarter of the way through the Lenten Running Program. I think I've gotten over the initial physical shock, so it is time to return to the dieting fundamentals. I have been being restrained but not doing strict tracking. As of today, I am back to the core Weight Watchers program.


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