Friday, February 10, 2006

Week 27 +0.6

Who would ever think I was so happy to gain weight?

This could be one of my most sucesssful weeks on the diet! I went to resort hotel with family and ate 3 days of gourmet food served in gourmand quantities and only had the slightest of upticks. While I had a great time and denied myself little, I acted with some restraint. I passed on a few things and ate reasonable portions.

For example, when they had the buffet to end all buffets on Sat night, I got me a healthy helping of prime rib and a few other things. In prior years, I might have gone back for seconds (OK maybe even thirds, the food there is really good), but this year stuck with one serving. I enjoyed myself but refrained from eating like a complete asshole.

Been thinking about Tim's suggestion about future goals. I had been considering what I was going to tackle after achieving this goal, but none of it is health related.

Possible health/fitness related goals would be:

1) Lowering my cholesterol level to below 200.
2) Training for a half-marathon. I'd like to do a marathon actually but that's too big of a commitment. Half-marathons have the "marathon" word in them and require about 1/4 of the training.
3) Starting a more comprehensive fitness program. Might be fun to be more than just "not fat".
4) Get weight to 174, the true cutoff for a 24.9 BMI
5) Train to be able to run a 5 minute mile. Not sure how possible this is. I never run fast, nor have I ever been fast. 6 minutes may be more reasonable. Have no idea except that 4 minutes is right out.

I figure I have a month or so before I will have such problems.

Weight: 183.8
Net Pounds Lost: -27.4
Pounds till goal: 6.8


Blogger fjl said...

How brave, I really admire you for this effort and this blog. x

7:49 AM  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

My experience is that you can usally get away with a "bad" week without too much impact. The real problem is when you think you can keep getting away with it, then it's like removing the plug in those self-inflating lifeboats.

2:35 AM  
Blogger fjl said...

Happy Valentine's, and I love the roses x ;-)

6:52 AM  

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