Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

To myself, that is.

On October 13, 2005, I hit 188.8. It was the 10th consecutive week in a row that I had lost weight. I went to a weekend with my family and put on 3 lbs. That was no big deal. One needs to cut lose every now and again.

Since then, I have developed the habit of cheating on the diet, and I have floundered in my efforts. As I look at my record this week (i.e supposedly my first serious week back on the diet), I am not impressed. I haven't been eating like I did during Xmas, but I'm finding a lot of excuses for myself. Time to suck it up.

As a noble Knight of the Round Bottoms, I hereby make the following oaths.

Until such time as my weight reaches 177 lbs, I pledge:

1) to forego the pleasure of alcoholic beverages
2) to obey the tenets of my "Core" program as set forth by the cruel sisters at the Weight Watchers nunnery
3) to exercise thrice during the week and once during the weekend

My noble father has invited my family to feast with him during the first weekend of February. During such times, I will suspend my oaths in deference to his hospitality.
( A knight has to have some fun).

So sworn,
Sir Chubalot


Blogger Kim Ayres said...

I've found that the main problem with cheating is that sometimes you get away with it. Unfortunately this sets up the idea that you can always get away with it, and so the bad eating habits creep back in.

I weighed myself today and found I'd lost 3 pounds, despite the fact that I was snacking in the evenings most of the past week, which is one of the biggest fights I had to bring under control back when I started.

This means that foregoing the evening snacking is going to be so much harder, because when I try and ignore the cravings, another part of me will tell me that it's ok to have something.

-Sir Man Boobs-

3:52 AM  

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