Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let's do the numbers

I just took advantage of an in office mini-physical. Checking your health in the middle of the Xmas season -- brutal! Anyway, here are the numbers:

1) Weight: 186 (my estimate) ergo BMI: 26.7

Still work to be done here, but much better. I'd like to get to the healthy number of 25.0. the screener informed me I should try to lower this, and I mentioned I was down from 30. (So back off)

Blood Pressure: 124/78
This is down in the past months. Diet, exercise and bit more moderation with alcohol have knocked this down. I had been seeing 135/90 like numbers. Good for me, but I'd still like to knock this back to get under 120/80.

Glucose: 72
Very good. Perhaps even a tad too low. Good news since there is some diabetes in my family.

Total cholesterol: 227. HDL: 33
Bad. Not heinous but pretty bad. I really need to do something about this. I already have, but I will need to do more. If I don't get this down a bit, I'm going to have to either a) take statins or b) have a heart attack. Don't really want to do either. Realistically, there is only so much improvement I can take on at once, so I don't plan on getting religion about this right away except for increasing fiber and exercise. If I could get HDL above 40 first, then I could tackle getting the total number down. A project for the spring perhaps.

Might try to take a resting pulse tomorrow just for grins.


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