Friday, January 06, 2006

Week 22 -0.6

Some good news among the bad. Going back to the diet and exercise regimen seems to be paying early dividends. Sadly, this isn't rocket science. If I eat responsibly and exercise, the weight trickles down. If I sit on my butt and eat cookies, it seems to trickle up.

Glad to be back on the program. As fun as it was to wallow in the holidays, all the eating made me feel crappy. The extra poundage means GDW3P is up. Looking forward to feeling a bit less of me.

Lessons Learned Over the Holidays
1) Going off the diet loses its charm after a day or two. "Cheating" results in diminishing returns.

2) Chocolate chip cookies are an exception to rule 1.

3) I will chase after diminishing returns given the chance.

4) The older I get the more I enjoy reading books in my pajamas as my core vacation activity.

Weight: 191.8
Net Pounds Lost: -19.4


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