Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 7 -- Unchanged


It might be time for a new strategy. I am staying pretty true to not eating like a Chowderhead. I have forgone many treats this week during my daughters birthday and am generally eating sensibly. It looks like a little something extra may be required.

I was going to throw in the towel on Friday. I'd like to lose the last 4 lbs, but I'm pretty happy with my weight. Most of my pants now fit (though some of the 34's continue to be hard to breathe in) and though it is a few lbs over 25 BMI, it's a good weight.

I decided to keep going simply because I said I would. I wanted to lose 11.5 lbs by October 5th. Well, it ain't October 5th yet, and I'm actually right target. It always seems like a good idea to give up on a plan in the middle. 172 may seem unecessary now, but I said I'd go for it.

I guess I'll keep at it.

Starting Weight: 183.5
Current Weight: 176.0
Goal Weight: 172.0


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